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Comment by Account Deleted on “The Potentiality Principle Again”

Ohhh! I guess I figured out how to sign in on this new post. Splendid! Now, where are the bolds,...

Comment by William on “The Axiom of Infinity as Easy Way Out?”

>>Therefore, if we turn to the mathematicians for help in answering our question, we get the foll...

Comment by Richard Cattermoul on “Validity as a Modal Concept and a Modal Argument for the Nonexistence of God”

Maverick philosopher begins this post with the following challenge; 1) If God is possible, then ...

Comment by David Brightly on “Does Potential Infinity Presuppose Actual Infinity?”

Hello Bill, I'm not sure your counter to Peter's modal argument that potential infinity presuppo...

Comment by Shannon Nason on “Kierkegaard on Immortality”

Hi Bill, I feel compelled to respond to your post about immortality for SK since you brought it...

Comment by Leo Carton Mollica on “The God of Philosophy and the God of Religion”

Dr. Vallicella: "Now the set [{2, 3, 5, 7}] is immutable: it cannot change." An interesting arg...

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