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Comment by Richard Norris on “God and Existence: How Related?”

I don't see how it's possible that existence and essence can ever be identical, as it does not se...

Comment by Brian on “Can Mere Thoughts Be Morally Wrong?”

Great post -- I would add an additional argument. Since the thought of sexuality is itself a s...

Comment by Account Deleted on “MACRUES, Semantic Defeaters, and Epistemic Defeaters (Peter Lupu)”

James, Thanks for your thoughtful and challenging comments. Your comments raise four points. C...

Comment by Bill Vallicella on “Kline on Cantor on the Square Root of 2”

William, Thanks for the quotation from Cantor. Yes indeed, for him eine Zusammenfassung presupp...

Comment by Simon on “Prudential Anti-Natalism”

I was talking to somebody about anti-natalism recently and they made an interesting observation. ...

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