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Comment by BV on “Integralism in Three Sentences”

Good comment, Ian. The state must impose some view of what will be tolerated and what will not b...

Comment by BV on “Further Questions About the 'Alternative Right'”

Ian, Excellent comments. >>The fundamental problem with mass immigration is that you cannot imp...

Comment by Ed from London on “Do Muslims Worship the True God?”

>>Those who simple-mindedly insist that Christians and Muslims worship the same God are uncritica...

Comment by Bill Vallicella on “Lydia McGrew on the 'Same God' Debate”

Ed sez: >>All three arguments depend on Christians being in some privileged position with respec...

Comment by Lydia McGrew on “Lydia McGrew on the 'Same God' Debate”

Btw, here was my original title (probably too long, so the editors changed it): "Not the Special...

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