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Saturday, January 31, 2009


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Same happened to me. I was searching for info on the Kennedy assasination so I thought there might be a connection . . . .

-Neil Parille

Hi, Bill, long time since I've been by. I've really enjoyed the thread on Randism, though.

I think you probably encountered a bug on Google, and that the bug has been fixed now. I didn't see any warnings when I googled "Google".

By the way, I highly recommend Noscript (http://noscript.net/) as a way of avoiding not only dangerous scripts, but also to reduce the annoyance of those horrible flashy sites designed for someone with the attention span of a hummingbird. I think you have to use the Mozilla/Firefox browser to use Noscript.

What I hope people realized was that the site it directed you to (if y ou clicked on any of your search results) was a "for profit" virus protection softwares site. I hope this tipped at least some of us off to the fact that it was likely a ploy whereby a business glombed onto google.

Once I suspected this, I tried out some other search engines (msn.com, ask.com) and did not have the problem there. So, yes, it was just a problem with someone messing with google for the sake of advertisement.

Neil: It happened to everybody at every site.

Dave: Glad you liked the Rand posts. More to come. You're right that the bug has been fixed. Thanks for the 'Noscript' tip.

Kevin: See my second update above. Google reports the problem as a human coding error.

This has made the news.

SkyNet is becoming self-aware.

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