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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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"On your Weblogs tab, click the Configure link for the weblog you want to edit, then click the Feedback link to open the Feedback page."

"Comment Formatting:

With Allow limited HTML selected, commenters will be permitted to use HTML in submitted comments; otherwise, HTML will be stripped out.

If you HTML is not allowed in comments, the option to Auto-link URLs will be available. If selected, all URLs submitted in a comment will be transformed into links.

Please note that only selected HTML will be allowed even if you choose this option. This includes basic formatting tags like or , or , , and , , and , , and . Other code, including , is stripped out. This is to protect against harmful or malicious code in comments damaging your page."

Hi Bill, hope that helps. The "selected HTML" tag names that are permitted were stripped out by the HTML filter!

I got that by searching the TypePad Knowledge Base, at:


Hi Malcolm,

I appreciate your help, but I knew all that. What I want is something like I had on the old blog, with buttons for various formatting options.

I can't believe that TypePad which is otherwise sophisticated, full of features, and subject to continuous development, has such a primitive ComBox setup. For example, I am forced to choose between "Allow limited HTML" and "Autolink URLs." Why can't I have both? I must be missing something. The design can't be this lousy.

Ah. Sorry. I had noticed in the instrumental-music post that when I tried to put in an HTML "anchor" hyperlink tag that it got stripped out, so thought you hadn't got round to enabling any of it.

Maybe the design CAN be that lousy! Blogger, for example, just allows you to roll your own HTML in comments; I've never seen buttons for formatting comments over there. It looks like you have "Allow limited HTML" turned off; if you turned it on at least HTML-savvy commenters could use it.

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