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Monday, October 04, 2010


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Thanks for your reply. I must admit that upon-rereading your Buddhism post I do not see the inconsistency that I thought I saw earlier. Nevertheless, my concern has not yet abated.

Perhaps I might profitably restate my concern. I want to make it clear that I do agree with you that there are certain things that seem to me to be worth dedicating one's life to, perhaps overridingly, that would not make one a zealot in the pejorative sense. Friendship and other human relationships, the common good, the pursuit of truth and beauty seem to be among those.

Now, what frightens me is the idea of someone dedicated wholly to a good that completely outweighs all of these things. The thought that the entire axiological world as I know it is to be displaced by some alien otherwordly afterlife good is just plain frightening to me. If you don't admit to sharing that intuition I suppose I am without reply, but I'm really hoping there's something knocking around in your chest that makes this concern understandable.

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