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Thursday, January 06, 2011


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I deny your (1), and I do not see why you think it is a ‘Moorean fact’. For

(A) We sometimes think about the nonexistent.


(B) Some things we think about are non-existent

which further implies

(C) Some things we think about, are such that there are no such things.

The third is clearly and patently false, for it means “Some x are such that for all y, not y = x”. But if there is some x, call it a, there clearly is a y such that y=a, namely a itself. The second implies the third on any coherent definition of ‘nonexistent’. Likewise the first (your Moorean fact) implies the second. Ergo, your Moorean fact, implying a contradiction, cannot be a Moorean fact.

The only think I concede as a Moorean fact is that some sentences of the form ‘S is thinking about a’ are true, even when ‘a’ refers to nothing.

On 'round square', I don't know where that comes from, but 'golden mountain' (mons aureus) is very old. Indeed I found it mentioned in an old translation of Ockham that I made here http://www.logicmuseum.com/logicalform/ockhamperiherm-intro.htm#I9

You see he has some interesting things to say there about chimeras and figmenta and things of that kind. Ockham's solution (if I understand it) is to argue that terms like 'golden mountain' have a difference reference, i.e. a different semantics, from terms like 'Mount Snowdon'. I may be wrong, it is some time since I looked at this text.

Well, no one could say you are not perverse. If you deny (1), then we have nothing to discuss.

Since your comments on intentionality have been totally useless to me, I will now ask you to 'cool it' and not make any more comments on this topic.

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