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Friday, July 08, 2011


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The outcome of the Casey Anthony trial astonished numerous Judges, commentators, as well as me. However, the fact that the prosecution went for capital murder was preposterous. Why? Because, putting the jurors’ in a position to take a life is perilous. This was an obstinate driving force that backfired on the prosecution. In the few seconds that I observed the jurors; I profiled them. Their demeanor was lackadaisical. Therefore, I postulate that carrying the burden of having another human being’s life in their hands was too weighty. This, I believe never left their subconscious and was a factor in their cognitive thought process during the trial as well as during their deliberation. The defense’s gold card was the legal procedure in criminal cases that the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony is guilty of capital murder. I deem that accusing Casey’s father for sexual abuse and the DNA test was a diversion. Her lawyer used these diversions to confuse the jury.
Bill, I agree that, “not guilty” is not an adequate term. I fancy “not proven” is a more suitable term for the purpose; it says what is really meant. She is about to be released. (A reality show, God, I hope not! These are the reasons I do not watch television.)

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