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Sunday, July 24, 2011


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I must admit, I'm quite new to the philosophizing game(I only had one course through the philosophy department during my undergrad and that was basically a survey of eastern philosophy) but, concerning the "Identity of Indiscernibles", I would like to know why you consider it false.

If I were to venture a guess, I would assume that one variable could in fact be a subset of the other. Therefore making every quality in variable "a" also a qualities in variable "b". However, "b" can have far more qualities not present in "a" and therefore, they're not equal.

I could be quite off though, hence the comment.

Very briefly, since my post is not about the Identity of Indiscernibles, but about phil. terminology:

The principle says, roughly, that if a and b share all properties, then a = b. If intended as a necessary truth, then to refute it all I need is one merely possible counterexample. Well, is it not possible that there be just two iron spheres that share all relational and nonrelational properties?

I would say so Professor. Hence uniform ball bearings that we find in a number of machines.

I'm also sorry for the tangent. I simply did not want to error in my understanding(being the beginner that I am).

Hi Bill,

Good points, all.

But here's another: 3 syllables vs. 12 syllables.

Accuracy be damned!


Hi Dale,

Sorry to use you as an example, but I did like your post!

Coming to Tucson this summer?

No problem, friend.

No - can't come out this summer. Hoping to visit the inlaws around Christmas time. Will surely email you if that happens. Really enjoyed hanging out with ya'll.

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