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Saturday, November 26, 2011


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Excellent. However, it may be possible to tweak Peter's objection to make it less antagonistic (not so say amenable) to the conclusion-du-jour: if his complaint is (as it would appear) about the recursive nature of metaphilosophical problems, then we can, at least, entertain the conclusion "No Problem in Metaphilosophy is Soluble". For what it's worth: recursion should never immediately result in either the label "unsound" or "not rationally acceptable" (as too many undergraduates have been taught by unimaginative professors). It can be simply "beyond".

I just wish the reference to your cooking wasn't quite so close to the phrase "thrown up"... ;-)

Thanks, Doug.

Since metaphilosophy is a branch of philosophy, all the problems of metaphilosophy are philosophical problems. So if the latter are insoluble, then so are all the metaphilosophical problems. I accept that consequence, as I must if I am to be consistent.

>>I just wish the reference to your cooking wasn't quite so close to the phrase "thrown up"... ;-)<<

As I wrote that sentence I was aware of the unappetizing word choice, but decided to let it stand.

I plead complete innocence of all wrongdoing, including anything I might have said, while at Bill's house on Thanksgiving. Clearly whatever I said is obviously his fault and now I know it was caused by his (excellent I might say) turkey and fixin's.

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