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Monday, July 16, 2012


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I don't see why the domain of quantification has to be restricted to things that exist. Certainly there are logics that allow you to quantify over more.

It doesn't have to be, but it is for van I. For him there are no nonexistent objects. London Ed and I agree with him about this.

I commented yesterday re part of your argument. But it is deeper than that. I think you are correct that the real source of disagreement is about the 'truthmaker' part of it, which I did not have time to think about.

The notion of 'metaphysical circularity' is obscure and problematic. Are you drawing on any established sources? By contrast, The notion of 'semantic circularity' is very clearly defined and is what is ordinarily meant by 'circularity' simpliciter.

>>London Ed must have known by some paranormal means

No, because I opted not to have any Internet access for the whole of my break, which lasted effectively until the time of your conversation with Peter. I had been thinking about the circularity problem for the entire holiday, as I gazed on views like this. (Mt Olympus is on the right, just hiding behind the headland)*. As soon as I got back, I wrote up my thoughts. Since my flight times were determined many months in advance, there can be no question of paranormal activity. Unless of course it was on the Phoenix side.

*Here, as ever, I disagree with you on the 'indifference of places'.


If you know something via the Internet, do you know it by paranormal means?

I suppose I should be flattered that my postings on the circularity topic occupied your thoughts while you were on Greek holiday. The quasi-circularity of no Grecian derrieres distracted you?

I will concede to you that beautiful places like Greece and Arizona -- places where, unlike Boston and London, there is a SKY -- do put a bit of a dent in the Senecan/Emersonian claim about the "indifference of places."

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