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Saturday, August 18, 2012


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Reading through this I was a little unclear as to why you think to be a thing and to exist are different -- is there any way you could elaborate on that?

Do you think that the concept of existence is a logical concept or not? From what you write I get the impression that you think it is not a logical concept -- is that correct?

Hi, Dr Vallicella, thank you for the blog; I enjoy reading through from time to time.

I know that you've written a book on existence, one that I'd like to one day read. What do you think of the work on existence by C.J.F Williams?


You're welcome , Wesley.

C. J. F. Williams offers the best and most thorough defense of the Fregean version of the thin theory. His work is required reading for anyone interested in this topic.

Peter van Inwagen ofers perhaps the best defense of the Quinean version of the thin theory.

William has an interesting critique of Quine in his 1981 *What is Existence?*


Roughly, a thing and its existence are distinct in the way essence and existence are distinct.

Existence is not a merely logical concept in the way 'some' is a merely logical concept.

Thanks Bill,

Do you also hold that existence is not expressed by the locution "there is..." as well as "something..."?


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