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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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Could you confirm the following clarifications?

1. In the definition of the concept NPE 'present' should be bound to now, ie, a moment in the year 2013, rather than the moment of the concept's use. Thus there is a family of NPE-like concepts, one for each moment of time, and the one we are using in this discussion is NPE-2013. 'Socrates was NPE-2013' is true but 'Socrates was NPE-450BC' is false.

2. The P claim 'NPE is not instantiated' should be read as disjunctively detensed. That is, 'not NPE (is) instantiated', ie, 'not (NPE was instantiated or NPE is instantiated or NPE will be instantiated), ie, 'NPE was not, isn't, and will not be instantiated.'

With these clarifications, P turns out trivially false, because as agreed in (1) 'Socrates was NPE-2013' and hence NPE-2013 was instantiated.

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