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Friday, January 17, 2014


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Hi, Bill.

I am, in my slow and unsteady way, working on my reply to your first,and thoughtful, entry in response to my post. Let us hope it'll be worth the wait.


Does x in #1 equivocate between existing object and representation (intentional object)?

Then may the difference between denying #1 and #3 depend on the assumed relation of the noumen kind of object and the phenomenal object?

Restating without the aporeticism and using "representation" for intentional object:

1. If S sees an existing x, then x is represented to S

2. Seeing is an of a representation of an object

3. Every representation of what exists is incomplete.

4. Nothing that exists is incomplete.

Hello Mr. Vallicella,

I understand if my request gets denied, but here goes, I'm a college student who would greatly appreciate your guiding advice on some questions pertaining to my post-college career work (viz. non-academic questions).

Could I ask for your email address so I can contact you with a full email? I promise it will not be a long email, and I would love to hear your feedback.

My email would be 2 or 3 paragraphs long, so I don't think I should write it out by way of this comment box. I just didn't know how to reach you any other way. I can't find a contact link (maybe you do not provide one on purpose)

Thank you,
Omar Najjarine


I'll see if I can help you. You will find my e-mail address if you left-click on About high up on the right sidebar.

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