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Tuesday, September 02, 2014


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To be fair, it is Marvel Books that is offering and pricing that book, not Amazon. It's probably worth contacting the 3rd party seller and making an offer.

This German ebay offering may be helpful:


Good point, Alfred. Thanks.

There is a print-on-demand copy, also available from Germany via ABE.

The book is available at DeGruyter publisher (who have bought/merged with/whatever Ontos Verlag recently) at 85 euro (119 USD). The link is


The excessive price of States of Affairs is explained here:


It may be worth contacting the retailer.


New for $115.95. One copy left. I'm half-tempted to buy it myself and mark it up a few thousand bucks on Amazon.

If you are looking for buying options for rare and hard to find books I recommend bookfinder.com. It is a meta-search engine that searches thousands of sellers and is able to access millions of books. A search on "Reicher" and "States of Affairs" returns 18 results, most of which are priced between $115 and $259.

Thank you, gentlemen.

The TechDirt article linked above by Mark B. explains Amazon's infinite loop algorithm that causes the absurd pricing.

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