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Monday, December 29, 2014


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I found Gabriele's discussion almost unreadable due to every paragraph containing the disclaimer "again, I'm not saying that Italians experience even remotely as much prejudice in analytic philosophy as African-Americans!"

Wop shmop -- what's it like to be a White Jew in a non-White Jewish society? Allow me to recount one anecdote:

So this Jewish concregation in NYC discovered that there exists a small Jewish community in central China. They decide that they must visit it. After a long and arduous voyage, the small group representing this congregation arrives in this tiny Chinese Jewish community. They are astounded by how traditional this community is in observing the Jewish rites. After the Sabbath service, the leader of the American visitors approaches the Chinese rabbi and congratulates him profusely.

And the rabbi looks at him quizzically and asks, "You Jew? You no look Jew."

He is a disgrace to Italians!

Was he joking, as in satire?

Jeffery Hodges

* * *


I'm afraid he is serious.

There is no end to this nonsense once it gets started.

Anyone have any stats on the 'under-representation' of Italians or those of Italian extraction in philosophy? Are Jews 'over-represented'?

Those are sneer quotes . . . .

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