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Saturday, October 24, 2015


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I would suggest that the American philosopher Franklin Merrell-Wolff addressed the essentially paradoxical nature of human existence with unique clarity. Even via the titles of his books, eg: The Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object.
It is interesting to note that he is seldom or perhaps never mentioned or referred to in any of the usual philosophical or "theological" forums that presume to discuss the nature of what we are as human beings and of Reality altogether.

Didn't you contact me years ago about Merrell-Wolff? I also seem to recall having posted something on consciousness without an object, but so far I haven't been able to locate the entry.

Butchvarov's view is the radically externalist, anti-substantialist Sartrean one according to which consciousness is subject-less and is exhausted by its revelation of objects. What you are alluding to sounds like the polar opposite view, that of Advaita Vedanta, according to which consciousness is not only a substance, but the one and only true substance, a substance that can exist without intentionalitty, without (external) object-directedness.

Object-less consciousness versus subject-less consciousness. More precisely: consciousness that needn't have objects as opposed to consciousness that must have objects.

Fascinating as it is, the Advaitin view is not the present topic.

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