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Friday, November 27, 2015


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Bill, nice of you to open the comment box for Thanksgiving. This post of yours plus Prager's link is very timely around our house. My wife and I are at the stage where the ghouls working at our respective alma maters come calling with requests to "remember them in our estate planning".

On too many campuses, it seems this academic implosion is pitting liberals against more radicalized cultural Maoists, 21st century style. Normal students seem to stay away from the cameras and try to carry on with the business at hand. Let the factions of the Left have at each other, ultimately they always do. CPUSA- Communist Party USA has always torn itself apart over "ideological purity".

For my wife and me, we will deliver our response via the sound of a check book slamming shut. Why should normal law abiding conservatives bail out that which liberalism has spent decades corrupting?

Excellent points, Bill. Yes, I'd seen that horrifying document a while ago. I'd add to what you've said that this increases the danger of speech being criminalized. If so much of what we say is "aggression" against others or even "violence" (a word that these campus radicals have been using in this way), then wouldn't it be reasonable to treat it legally as assault?

The Prager article is good, but I take issue with the claim that the university is "imploding". The university isn't imploding. It's winning, dominating, and exerting enormous influence on our culture. When conservatives say things like "the university is imploding" they demonstrate a form of naïve wishful thinking that is dangerous at this point. The left is winning everywhere. They control all the major cultural institutions - education, entertainment, and the news media. None of those institutions is "imploding". There is no "narrative collapse" as conservatives sometimes say when the left can't back up it's absurd claims. The narrative keeps going and keeps winning regardless of how disconnected it is from reality. And conservatives need to wake up and stop acting like all of a sudden the brainwashed drones that compose our country (and always have and always will in any country) are going to exercise some incredible, heroic act of critical thinking that sees through the propaganda that permeates and saturates almost every aspect of their existence.

You're welcome, Whitewall.

I think the university admin dumbasses will come to their senses when the alumni refuse to make contributions and explain their refusal.

So I applaud you and your wife.

We should all do our part in defunding the Left. For example, by not subscribing to the NYT. Just read it online for free.

Mozilla Firefox has a good browser. They are currently asking for donations. To hell with them after what they did to Brendan Eich.


Have you read John Henry Cardinal Newman, *The Idea of a University*?
Charitably read, Prager is maintaining that the university is imploding in roughly that sense.

It is an interesting question whether at some point people will wake up from their insanity or it will just get worse and worse. I am open to the possibility that I just don't understand how desperately bad things are.

Yes, Bill, I should say that my reading of that phrase in Prager probably wasn't the most charitable interpretation. Given my concern about dangerous, naïve optimism in conservatives, I am sensitive to language that gives that impression.

Can things be turned around? I'm admittedly not well-positioned to answer that question. (Is anyone?) I do think that the left is very much winning. As you have talked about before, they win on the plane of ideas. This isn't because their ideas are better, but just because they operate on that plane and conservatives typically don't. This is a devastating weakness for conservatism. No matter how bad the left's policies are, because they control the very conceptual framework with which people understand the world, they have an immense advantage.

Bill, I have been reading your blog for some time now and I thoroughly enjoy it. To keep this short, I finished my undergraduate in Oriel College Oxford 3 years ago and there has recently been a controversy about the statue of Cecil Rhodes situated in the college. A certain segment of the population is trying to get it removed because it violates the university's commitment to foster "an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff and students are respected."

I thought that this might be of interest to you...


If you wish I can also forward you the email I (as an Orielensis) received from the Provost.


Thanks for the comment, and for reading my blog. Yes, please do forward the e-mail. My address is billvallicellaATcs.com

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