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Friday, January 15, 2016


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I've been thinking about this case in a similar way. Two examples came to mind. One is that it is like two persons disagreeing about an object. Two neighbors see something in the street. One says it's a coyote. The other it's a wolf. In some sense they are talking about the same object. But what is important to their discussion is how they each differently understand the object.

A second way of framing the disagreement is that it is similar to a disagreement about the origins of something, say, a country. One person says Group A originated the country, and another person says Group B originated the country. They can be said to both be talking about the same thing, the originators, but to have significant disagreement about what that means.

In both cases even if there is some object the two groups are commonly talking about the differences in understanding about that object are what is interesting and relevant.

The case of Christianity and Islam seems similar to each of these cases but especially the second. Any thoughts or feedback?

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