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Friday, April 15, 2016


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I had the same problem (crashing) and traced the cause to the number of plug-ins and extensions I was running. I disabled all of them and the crashing was much less frequent. But the extensions were some of my favorite features. Bummer.
Been using Chrome for the past 6 months and have gotten used to it.

Thanks, Dave. Chrome doesn't display as well on my machine, and my engineer friends say Google collects a lot of data . . .

But no crashes with Chrome.

I now use a vpn - virtual private network - which is very good at what it does - keeping me anonymous, even from Google. About $3 a month, highly rated.

Bill, I use Firefox on Windows 7. My strategy is to have few tabs or windows open that have a lot of ads or multi-media content. If I read e.g. a Huffington Post article or go to Newegg to buy a battery, I do my task, bookmark something if appropriate, and shut down that tab or browser-window.

Things go especially poorly when I shut the lid while Firefox is open, then open it up again.

Chris Kirk


I'll look into a vpn.


I'm running Windows 8.1 and resisting the upgrade to 10.

I think you are right: it is the multiple open tabs open to sites downloading craploads of crap content that causes trouble.

Late to the conversation, but here are my 2 cents: I recommend using the Adblock Plus add-on to cut the crap. Works like a charm.

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