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Monday, April 18, 2016


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>>My tendency is to deny the second limb and affirm that all propositions are Fregean.

I deny the second limb, but I also deny that all propositions are Fregean, whatever that means.

Take a guess at what it means.

Well one interpretation of Frege is that the 'sense' of a sentence is the mode of presentation of the referent, and that the sense is referent-determining in some way.

Another is that the sense is a Russellian uniquely determining description such that anything that which satisfies it is the referent.

The difference between the two views is that the first involves some sort of internal or essential relation between sense and referent, the second is purely external or accidental.

I deny both views, of course. Proper name semantics is a relation between the name and an information source, as I have said before.

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