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Monday, September 19, 2016


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Thanks – very helpful!
‘To put it quick and dirty: synthetic a priori judgments are possible in math and physics because the phenomenal world is our construction.’ This is where I struggle with Kant. It seems scarcely believable that maths and physics should be true because the phenomenal world is our construction.

Separately I have obtained a copy Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason which I am reading with interest. Interesting because it was published some years after the Critique. I would otherwise have taken it as prior.

>>he aims to secure a 'safe space' for faith
And race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity?

I was being cute with 'safe space.'

But Kant clearly wants to insulate faith from skeptical corrosion. His denial that one can know that God exists is also a denial that one can know that God does not exist.

And while he denies that one can know that the soul is a simple substance, and thus immortal, he also denies that one can know that materialism is true.

A central problem for me -- and this was the topic of my doctoral dissertation -- is the status of the trans. unity of apperception, the vehicle of the categories.

For a fairly rigorous setting forth of one aspect of the problem see:


I am glad you are reading Kant's religion book. It is 'phenomenally' rich and deep.

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