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Tuesday, September 06, 2016


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The principal issue of this year's Presidential election is the future of the Supreme Court because it will affect all of us for decades, not just 4-8 years. And the Senate's power of denying confirmation is only a stop-gap if its majority is the party that is not that of the President's. And that majority can change party every other year because a third of the Senate must stand for re-election at every Congressional election (every even numbered year, such as this year). If HRC is elected, her running mate becomes the tie-breaker in the Senate, and it is also possible (if not likely) that the Senate's majority becomes the Democrat Party.

Jill Stein, I see, has just been arrested for common assault on a bulldozer of all things. She is brave, dedicated to purpose and knows how to take a principled stand. A perfect candidate for "liberals".

As I understand it, the charge is misdemeanor vandalism: she spray-painted a message on the bulldozer: "I approve this message." An interesting example of a self-referential sentence!

Don't conservatives also value bravery, dedication to purpose, and taking principled stands?

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