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Sunday, June 18, 2017


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The world they built and crafted is a nightmare and sinking compared to the old world that they so righteously fought to change, dismantle and impose progress upon for the better.

Dedicated to the One I Love was originally recorded by the 5 Royales: https://youtu.be/y335E8mfBAU

A little before your time perhaps Bill.

Right you are! I learned something. I added a correction above.

HOw funny, that Youngblood's song "Get Together" was the song I was singing in my head while I wrote that comment earlier today on your post about the Monterey Pop Festival .....GTMA i guess....

....This piece is spot on my friend .....gawd, we were all so earnest, and so naive !....and a lot of us were very very stoned ....

I forgot to say thank you for digging this little gem out of your archives for me ....never get tired of talking about music ....or tired of writing about it either ....unless it's dinner time and I just pulled a pizza out of the oven !

You are very welcome, Sal.

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