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Saturday, July 14, 2018


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>>I solve the pentad by rejecting the Millian thesis about proper names.

I may actually agree with it? Yes.

Excellent! We agree on something.

>> (3) is the least rejectable
However, as you know, I hold that ‘a refers to a’ is consistent with ‘there is no such thing as a’. For example, it is certainly true that ‘Frodo’ refers to Frodo, yet there is no such thing as Frodo. Nor do I believe there are things such that there are no such things. If there is no such thing as Frodo, there is no such thing as Frodo, and there is an end on it. Nor are there any wholly past individuals, although there were wholly past individuals.

This is consistent only on the supposition that ‘refers to’ does not express a real relation.

Right. It depends on whether reference is a relation. For if as relation R holds, then all of its relata must exist.

This is why the intentional 'relation' is not a relation strictly speaking. You appear to be thinking of linguistic reference as similar to mental reference (intentionality)in this regard.

>>Nor are there any wholly past individuals, although there were wholly past individuals.<<

True, and indeed tautological, if 'are' is present-tensed; dubious otherwise. If you're game, we'll discuss this in a new thread.

Ostriches are game. (Joke)

I like bad, corny, and over-repeated jokes.

I'd guess most jokes are based on amphibolies and equivocations.

"I see you got a haircut." "I got 'em all cut." (amphiboly)

"Past, present, and future walked into a bar. And then things got tense." (equivocation)

But what about:

"What time is it?" "You mean now?" No amphiboly, no equivocation, but a failure of the hearer to understand that 'is' is present-tensed.

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