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Saturday, January 12, 2019


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Thanks for this! Very interesting and helpful.

Re. Fifth misgiving - it seems to me that a (trivial?) condition for truth functionality is the expression of the sentence under consideration. If the world is such that grass is green and no language exists to express 'grass is green', it seems to me that all of that takes place upstream from considerations of truth.

More generally: if there is a fact in the world that no language expression has given meaning to, can that fact be true?

Would the deflationist take a position on this?

Would other theories (eg. coherence, etc)?

Thanks, Bill.

You're welcome, Brandon.

I wasn't considering a scenario in which no language exists, but one in which English doesn't exist. In that possible world, grass could very well be green, as we English speakers say in the actual world, without it being the case that 'grass is green' exists.

So the implication in (E1) fails right to left.

The nominalist ostrich needs to respond to this objection.

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