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Thursday, March 21, 2019


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Trent Dougherty on why, plausibly, some brutes go to heaven:



Really good.

For a bit of interesting speculation on the salvation of animals, I'd like to recommend a short story, "The Parliament of Beasts and Birds" by John C. Wright.

I'm not familiar with the philosophical background so this may sound ignorant or trivial, but my religious upbringing emphasized that the essential difference between man and beast was not intellectual, but moral. Unlike animals, man has a conscience as well as duties and rights, while an animal does not. An animal cannot be guilty of a crime as a man can, nor can an animal rise above his animal nature to do something selfless and good as a man can (Since it is the moral status of man that makes him unique rather than his intellect, there are no problems about the relative worth of a very stupid man vs. a very intelligent chimp).

It is at least plausible that the moral status of man, being above (and often opposed to) nature must be embedded in an aspect of man that is itself outside of nature, and therefore not subject to death.

>>the essential difference between man and beast was not intellectual, but moral. <<

Actually, both.

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