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Thursday, May 02, 2019


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Could it be argued that the Republican party was founded to seek fundamental transformation of the country? (No support of Obama's statements implied.)

Also, while I'm here, for mercy's sake man desist your (eminently civil) spanking of Feser. You might leave permanent marks.

Samuel Butler:

I grant that some men will find happiness in having what we all feel to be a higher moral standard than others. If they go in for this, they must be content with virtue as her own reward, and not grumble if they find lofty Quixotism an expensive luxury, whose rewards belong to a kingdom that is not of this world. They must not wonder if they cut a poor figure in trying to make the most of both worlds.

—from The Way of All flesh


Take the presumption of innocence. Repubs have never tried to do away with it. But Dems, recently, have called it into question, e.g. Gillibrand during the Kavanaugh hearings.

I am glad you appreciate my civility with respect to Ed Feser. He is a serious philosopher, and philosophy ought always to be conducted in a civil and respectful way, and that includes political philosophy. Practical politics, however, is another story: there, polemic and invective have their place.


Excellent and appropriate quotation!

Jacques writes, >>These are the people who always support Israel and its ethnonationalist policies while denouncing even the slightest hint of ethnic consciousness in white Americans.<<

A comment and a question.

I am inclined to agree with you re: denunciation of ethinic cs. in white Americans -- subject to various qualifications that I cannot go into now.

But I don't understand the hostility on the reactionary right to Israel and to Jews. Could you explain that to me? That's a sincere question.

As I see it, the two main threats to civilization are radical Islam and leftism. What exactly bugs you guys about the Jews?

Suppose you were forced to live in a world controlled by Jews or a world controlled by radical Muslims. Would you consider that a wash?

Hi Bill,
The hostility toward Jews--or more charitably, the organized Jewish community--seems easy to understand. Wealthy Jews and Jewish organizations are a main factor in the things we rightly despise and fear. Jews (no, not all, of course) promote mass immigration and multiculturalism, transgenderism and homosexuality. As a group, they tend to use their great wealth and power to demonize whites and Christianity and European civilization. They have played a major role in leftism and the Islamification of Europe. If you don't like leftism and Islam in the west, you won't like the people who have manipulated society for decades in order to implant these things. Jews have played a very disproportionate role in both leftism and Islamification--and the consequent dissolution of traditonal Christian cultures in the west.

Some prominent Jews are conservative; but when they are conservative, e.g., the neocons, their conservatism always seems to be useful to Jews and harmful to gentiles. There are some exceptions. Lawrence Auster, Paul Gottfried, a handful of others. But the general trend has been for Jewish thinkers and activists and officials to push policies and ideas lethal to white Christians and Europeans--even when these are likely to be very harmful to ordinary Jews, as in the case of mass Islamic migrations to Europe.

The toxic pseudo-culture that we hate comes from Jewish-run Hollywood and television and the equally Jewish music business. The banks and corporations that exploit ordinary people and increasingly censor and surveil us are run at the top largely by Jews. The lying leftist mainstream media is largely run by Jews. Pretty much every institution pushing anti-white anti-Christian anti-male poison on the public is disproportionately Jewish.

Then, of course, there is the hypocrisy of attacking gentiles for wishing to preserve their own people and culture while demanding that Jewish people-hood and culture be respected in Israel and also everywhere else that Jews live. When they slander (or "critique") us that's just rational discourse; when we criticize their behavior even in the mildest terms it's "anti-semitism", a vile sin for which all gentiles must feel guilt--and which can apparently never be expunged.

I am speaking of some striking Jewish tendencies here. Particularly the behavior of self appointed leaders of their community--including basically all American Jewish organizationa. I know that many individual Jews are not like this. But the tendencies are real (and we aren't supposed to mention them, on pain of serious retaliation from this vulnerable minority). But anyway, these are some of the obvious reasons why some rightists are hostile to the Jewish community.

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