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Wednesday, June 05, 2019


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Here's a generalization of leftists. It is hard to think that it's possible that leftists can be reasoned with when their opening salvo is usually "everyone who doesn't agree with us is ." For example, the NYT recently had an article about the election results in Australia by calling the winners far-right or far-right extremists. When have they used the term for their own kind? Certainly not when their own were advocating letting mothers decide if they want to kill their children after they've been born.

I do think Islamofascism is redundant. It may only be useful for someone who has not done any basic reading on Islam and holds to a naive "all religions basically say teach the same thing". I don't think redundancy (ATM machine, for example) has roots in political leanings, though.

1) Describe themselves as 'Patriots'

Well, there goes Boston's football team, I guess.

On one extreme of the global right-wing movement are terrorists and other evildoers such as the Nazis or white supremacists who recently attacked mosques and synagogues in New Zealand, Pittsburgh and Southern California. On the other extreme are "respectable" right-wing politicians who use normal politics to take power.

Gotta love those scare-quotes around "respectable".

In the middle of this continuum are many millions of people who are either active members of the New Right or are sympathetic to its goals and aims.

Many, many millions of people, also known as "citizens".

In total, right-wing extremism is a multi-spectrum threat which extends from the president of the United States all the way down to street hooligans.

Wait, there's another "spectrum" besides the "continuum" just mentioned? I can't keep up.

One gets the feeling that a) the entire "right wing" begins one millimeter to the right of where the editorial staff of Salon leaves off, and b) that's pretty much where the part marked "extreme" begins as well.

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