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Sunday, June 23, 2019


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A good post. Thanks for reminding me of Ayer, and of the monstrous excesses of Tyson.

Note the case of Abelard is slightly different, if the surviving accounts are true. He secretly married his student Heloise, but after separating from her in circumstances which are unclear, her brothers exacted a cruel vengeance.

If any philosopher deserves serious censure, it is Peter Singer for his notorious support for legal and willful child destruction.


Holy cow! I knew from your previous posts that Searle was in trouble, but yikes. (Also-- I like your age demarcations. I have a few years yet before being officially old!). :)


If all's well that ends well, Searle blew it. Pride and Lust are a deadly combo.

My age demarcations leave time for one to be old.

Some say that age is just a number. But is temperature just a number in, say, Phoenix in July?

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