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Sunday, October 18, 2020


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Thanks for this, Dr Vallicella!

Crisis (Krisis?) averted! I'm happy to report that after extensive searching I found a website with pdfs of The Paris Lectures and Cartesian Meditations (as well as Eriugena's Periphyseon for which I've been looking for a long time!). But if anyone does have copies of either which they would like to sell to me, I would happily buy them for a reasonable price - I don't like reading on a screen.

I live in the UK incidentally, but I don't think the post would cost much for such a thin book. Of course, I would pay for it.

Oddly, copies of Ideas are affordable. The pricing system on Amazon makes no sense.

>>The pricing system on Amazon makes no sense. << The algorithm needs tweaking. So far it is 'twerking.'

>>I don't like reading on a screen.<< How old are you?

Thirty-two years young! Why do you ask?

*I don't like reading anything book length on a screen.

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