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Tuesday, November 03, 2020


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Good article on Antifa.


I thought of you earlier today, Jeff, in connection with my non-reply to an e-mail you sent me about the mainly Canadian membership of THE Band. I was slightly worried that you were offended by that non-reply.

We go back a long way to the early days of blogging. Did you commence in aught-three or aught-four? I am still in touch with a lot of the blogger buddies from the early days, Bill Keezer for example. Others have withdrawn having been doxxed and harassed by leftist scum, or simply lost the stamina or interest to keep it up.

Blogging has enriched my life beyond measure.

I hope you are well.

No, I wasn't offended. We're all too busy to get offended over minor things. I figured you'd appreciated the humor of the fact that a Southern anthem was largely Canadian (though only someone like Levon Helm could provide the vocal authenticity).

I only get offended at things like personal betrayal. I once proofread a book on women and religion for a feminist friend, and I showed her how she could strengthen her basic argument considerably by a few adjustments. When I told her this, she stared at me for about three long seconds, then said, "Well, I guess you learned something from my book."

I was speechless.

Later, when I applied for a job in which I'd need to teach a bit about women in religion, she refused to support me and wouldn't acknowledge my input on her own book.

Our friendship didn't survive.

As for your question, I think my blogging began in 2005. I had wanted to start earlier, but nobody in Korea knew how to set up a blog. I had a felt presence, however, on other blogs, where I left comments.

I am well. You seem to be, which gladdens me.



A good maxim of psychological hygiene these days: Avoid personal contact with leftists especially those of the female persuasion. Nothing good is likely to come of it.

I have a policy of non-pollution: Physically, psychologically, and spiritually I watch what I allow into my system. 'Blogically': comment moderation!

How did your "feminist friend" become your friend?

We met in Germany. She had recently left a nunnery and was still a pious Catholic who carried a guitar that bore the words "Jesus is Lord!" Or something like that. She had a good sense of humor, so we hit it off as friends. She had a generous side, and she invited me to Australia to work on her research as an assistant.

There, she began to change, partly as she started to recognize that I was more knowledgeable than she was, though she was stronger in the necessary languages than I was, except for Coptic, in which I then excelled. Apparently, I made some sort of mistake, missed an important Manichaean fragment, though she acknowledged that the same material was found later in another fragment, which I did transcribe. But she said she couldn't trust my research any more. I pointed out that she had also made mistakes, which she acknowledged, but she was adamant that I was untrustworthy.

She wrote a neutral paragraph as letter for me to use as I "deem fit"(her words), and I couldn't believe she thought I would try to use such a thing in applying for a job. Nobody would hand a letter to a job committee as supposed support. Everybody knows that the one doing the 'recommending' sends the letter. I was disgusted with her.

That's how it ended.


A renegade nun! Lesbian? With the cramped Wissenschaftlichkeit of a 19th cent. German philologist. This must have been during your Wanderjahren before Korea, before Weib und Kind, Haus und Hof.

Quite a story!

Do you ever make it back to the States to visit?

Eventually, she turned to lesbianism. I think she was bisexual.

As for things Korean, my wife and I met in Germany.

Speaking of family, they're calling me to a late meal.


PS Yes, a few trips back. My kids saw enough of the Ozarks that they wanted to become hillbillies . . .

Let me know when next you head Stateside. Perhaps we can meet up somewhere. Like here!

Will do.


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