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Friday, January 21, 2022


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"despite obvious personality flaws". This idea and its bruiting-about is the thing that has most consistently bothered me since 2016.

what, precisely, are these personality "flaws", and how are they "obvious"?

and if no one presents themselves for office who possesses this requisite, angelic moral character.....what then? anarchy?

cometh the hour, cometh the man.

i suspect that there's an unreflective connection in these peoples' minds between "good character" and "good governance/policy". but it matters not one whit: "how are we living?" is the litmus test.

and we're living impoverished lives.

i would rather have a boorish, uncultured Trump who left me alone, than some high-tea-having piece of s**t who threatened my arrest for thinking bad thinks.

On the question of Trump's character, I go with David Horowitz response to, I think, Jonah Goldberg. Character is contextual. A man might be eminently scrupulous and professional as a surgeon, but a lousy father, and vice versa. Trump, for whatever perceived flaws in his personal life (many overwrought, but still), he is a politician and it is a mark of his good character as a politician that he followed through with energy and a will to achieve all of his campaign promises in the face of extreme opposition from both Left and Right. And he largely succeeded. Even Rich Lowry wrote a piece acknowledging this at one point. And, curiously, part of the appeal of Trump to the 75 million voters (!) he attracted is that he comes across to the electorate as the most authentic politician. Sure, he engages in rhetorical hyperbole and self-promotion, but that does not mask the fact that he wears his convictions and political goals on his sleeve. He is an open book, with no obvious political agenda except what he says he wants. This is quite startling and noticeable in a politician, especially given the behavior of that class the last 30 years. Finally, both pre-political and political, he has always been a man of action; he wants to accomplish things, not just talk about it. He never wanted to be just a 'PR' real estate developer, although PR is a fundamental part of that trade. Nor did he want to be just a President who gets re-elected because he had good talking points. He had things he wanted to do and his goal was to do them. This too is a mark of his good character as a politician and President.

Thanks for the comments, gentlemen. I find nothing to disagree with.

If Trump gets another shot, one would have to be a hate-America leftist not to vote for him. I am not aware of any Democrat worthy of the presidency.

Hi Bill

Just saw your response regarding Trump -- thank you very much for taking the time!

I understand your considerations better now & agree on many points starting with the axiom of politics being practical rather than a theoretical and intellectual affair. Expecting a moral saint and a logician to perform well as a head of state -- without also possessing a strong and pragmatic character -- is childish thinking.

I am most concerned however with the ability of Trump to withstand the temptations of power and his proven weakness in picking up advisors and working with them even when they are critical of his vision of the matters. Responsible leadership requires both qualities. His frequent firing show his poor aptitude as an executive manager, his frequent recourse to litigation fuel further my doubts in this regard. On the other hand, the alternatives -- Biden and Hilary -- are indeed no better.

The bottom line is I wish the best to the US as the carrying pillar of the West. I'll post in comments if I'll have anything more significant to say on this subject.




You are welcome to post any further thoughts you have.

The USA is indeed the main load-bearing pillar of the West -- the rest of the Anglosphere having gone crazy and 'woke' -- but the USA is in deep trouble, overextended abroad, and collapsing under the weight of its own decadence at home. Dementia Joe is the perfect symbol of our decline.

John Duran described the same situation we are experiencing in Brazil.


One point I must raise. You say, "The USA is indeed the main load-bearing pillar of the West -- the rest of the Anglosphere having gone crazy and 'woke'".

But ironically Wokeness is a disease that originated in America and has rapidly overtaken the UK and Ireland. It is a product of the East coast Liberal "intelligentsia", overcompensating for their privileged lives. It is American's version of the Coronavirus.

But the UK and Ireland are far smaller and more homogenous in range of outlooks so it has rapidly taken over. America is much bigger and more diverse, with the kind of constitutional freedoms lacking here, which makes someone like Trump and his broad base possible



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