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Sunday, January 16, 2022


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Once the metanarrative is gone, people's minds are easy pickin's: it seems fundamental to human life to want to feel part of a 'big story' to give meaning to each individual story. The Left has not provided a replacement metanarrative yet - at least one that has entirely taken over the national consciousnes, that Joe Six-Pack can grok - but every message they send is part of a (mostly) hidden, overarching Progressive Tale.
Perhaps the vicious Leftist grip on the culture is more tenuous than it appears, a house of cards that will tumble with any fresh breeze of freedom. I hope it is not necessary, pace Jefferson, that: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Thanks for the comment, Dave. I too hope that the tree of liberty does not need any sanguinary refreshment. But in the last hour I did clean two shootin' ahrns, no lie, and I don't clean 'em just for the fun of it.

The Progressive Tale, as you call it, is becoming so insane that it might just collapse like a house of cards. 2022 is looking bright for the Coalition of the Sane and the Reasonable.

"2022 is looking bright for the Coalition of the Sane and the Reasonable."

How I hope that's true. It may well be! I have a sense, everywhere I go, and every time I strike up a conversation with ordinary people I meet in the course of everyday life, that everyone has thought for some time now that things were going crazy, but were afraid to say so because they thought that they were the odd ones out. (It brings to mind a thing called the Abilene Paradox, which is probably worthy of wider attention.)

Perhaps the disease has now (at last!) got to the point where it will trigger a system-wide immune reaction. It may turn out that putting the Democrats in complete control for two years, putting morons like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Kamala Harris on full display as our ruling elite, and demonstrating to everyone the now-undeniable caducity of Joe Biden, was exactly the reductio ad absurdum that America needed to awaken the nation to what Gurdjieff liked to call, in another context, "the terror of the situation".

But there are no guarantees, and the survival of the nation we cherish may well yet depend on what the Founders called an "appeal to Heaven". All of us should make sure to hedge our portfolios with what is shaping up to be the most "precious metal" of all: lead.

We must always depend on an appeal to heaven, and we do. Read what it says above the portrait of Abraham Lincoln on every penny. Do you think the Creator doesn't see? "The gates of Hell shall not prevail" is a promise; I will let the reader find out by Whom it was made. And anyone with common sense can now see that the "D" party is from the Pit. Signed, Joe Odegaard, Architect and Barbarian.

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