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Wednesday, February 02, 2022


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Bill do you think the uncertainty about religion we have speaks in favor of the religious pluralism of a John Hick or at least in favor of an Inclusivist Perennialism? It seems to me, given that especially from an outside perspective some dogmas are incredibly hard to accept or make sense of (I wouldn't even necessarily say the Trinity if constructed as an identification with the One, the Intellect and the Worldsoul, but Transubstantiation is certainly a perfect example), the exclusivist claim certain branches of Islam, Christianity , Hinduism etc. make for themselves is really hard to square with the uncertainty, at least if we suppose that the being worshipped is God and not just a god.

I know in the past that you have said that heaven isn't that special if anyone enters it. Putting aside my disagreements, at least after a period of purgatory, do you think our situation lends more credibility to a universalist or "almost universalist" position? I only include the second option in case it's possible for a completely rational mind to reject perfect goodness, which I doubt.

There are rebellious natures who refuse to accept any authority. If C. Hitchens, say, finds himself in the divine presence and refuses to bend his knee, then he cannot possibly be admitted into heaven.

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