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Tuesday, April 05, 2022


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Body & Soul: Human Nature the Crisis in Ethics , J.P. Moreland.

I've passed my copy around to a few friends, and it's been well-received.

Thanks, Dave. Good choice.

Maurice S. Rawlings (b. 1922, d. 2010)

A book he wrote:
Beyond Death's Door, 1979

Rawlings was a Medical Doctor (he was President Eisenhower's cardiologist).

One observation Dr. Rawlings had was patients that die and are resuscitated and that had hellish experiences while dead, are very clear about the hellish experience on the spot (the surgeon is right there so he gets an 'earful') but visited later the patient will have forgotten.

Thanks, Ingvar. There are plenty of others who don't forget their hellish experiences. And there are plenty who report heavenly experiences.

Here is one of my posts re: the latter: https://maverickphilosopher.typepad.com/maverick_philosopher/2012/10/is-heaven-real-a-neurosurgeons-near-death-experience.html

I would highly recommend A Brief History of the Soul by Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro.


I think this concise book would be right up David's alley. I especially enjoyed chapters 6 and 7 which deal with how the postulate of souls relates to contemporary science, and provides a response to some of the more common philosophical objections to the existence of souls.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book, Bill, if you ever get your hands on it.


Thanks for the recommendation. The book looks good.

I may order it. Time was when I didn't have enough money for books; the problem now is not enough house.

David K.,

Buy this book, doc. You can afford it. MDs rake it in, and you're married to one!

Thank you all. I am awaiting delivery of a copy of A Brief History of the Soul.

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