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Saturday, July 09, 2022


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I was 12 years old in 1960, but remember clearly, as I listened to the 3-transistor radio I'd gotten for Christmas (all my friends got the 6-transistor and I was somewhat miffed at my folks), hearing 'Angel Baby' for the first time. It captured my emotions, and I believe I started looking at girls in a more nuanced (that is, hormone-driven) manner from that point on. Man, that memory is still strong.

Your hormone drive kicked in rather late, Dave.

Those transistor radios were contributory to the Decline of the West. R & R could be taken by the kids everywhere and you know what the original meaning of 'R & R' is.

'Angel Baby' was a competent garage band effort. Hell, you and I could have been playing in that band. Now you and I are undoubtedly hot-shot guitar slingers, but no way we could hold a candle to the the boys in The Eagles. Or should I speak only for myself?

Hmmm...original meaning? Other than 'rest and relaxation', the only other reference I'm remembering is 'I&I' - which was used in place of R&R to more accurately define the true meaning of 'rest and relaxation' which was, according to the sensibilities of the more coarse spirits, 'intercourse and intoxication'.

'I & I' is close. 'Rock and roll' is black idiom for the old in and out. You remember Little Richard, circa '56: "Good Golly Miss Molly, she sure likes to ball/ See her rockin' and a rollin', can't she hear her mama call." Whitey was too dumb to catch the meaning and the song received widespread (a little pun there) airplay. But some white preachers were hip to the lingo and objected that this here new-fangled R & R music would "bring the white man down to the level of the nigger." Those are their words, not mine.

"..but no way we could hold a candle to the the boys in The Eagles. Or should I speak only for myself?"

You speak for me as well.
For a taste of bleeding-edge guitar, try the video for "G.O.A.T"
by the band Polyphia. https://youtu.be/9_gkpYORQLU

Uh....was hoping to provoke a scathing rebuke of the GOAT video. The guitar is bleeding edge, but it is nothing imo compared to the great amp tones and singing guitar lines of the past.

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