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Saturday, December 10, 2022


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I don't know the specific verse, but I am reminded of the Bible saying that there are storehouses in Heaven full of souls, as like storehouses for grain.

Christian substance dualist here. On the exegetical question, 'living creature' is an alternative rendering to 'living soul'. I think what is meant by the Hebrew expression is something like 'creature with life force'.

Moreover, I am often surprised by the way Christain materialists avoid the clear dualistic implications of that episode in Gen. You have man made from two components: one is material, the dust of the earth, and the other is immaterial, the very breath of God. The latter is also surely the greater and more important component - it bestows value on what is otherwise worthless.

Hi Matt,

I remember you from years ago in the glory days of blogging. As I recall, MH is not your real name, and you were a grad student somewhere.

I am with you in opposing Christian materialism. The Genesis implication is plainly dualistic. Humans are animals and thus material beings. But at some point they acquired an infusion of spirit which set them apart from every animal. The breath of God is that infusion of spirit. 'Breath of God' must be taken in a spiritual sense, not in a crass material sense. God is not an animal who physically breathes. Otherwise, he would have such-and-such lung capacity, a certain O2 uptake, etc.

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