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Tuesday, February 14, 2023


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A monarchy might be better now. My cousin Pepito Castruccio, he of the Italian medal of honor, and who saved Jews from under the noses of the nazis in WW2, and who told me that "the gates of hell shall not prevail," was one of his favorite bible verses, and who lived well into his 90s, was a Monarchist, and voted that way in Italy. He was certainly a wise man. Our Constitution forbids it, though, and here the unwise, led by demagogs, cast their votes for, as it looks now to me, candidates who are actually possessed. One might suppose that a monarch would be of average intelligence and morality. Yes, it would be better.

A mentally awake and morally straight monarch would serve us better now than the current puppet. But the wise Founders -- philosophers who were also men of action -- put paid to monarchy long ago. We need to get back to their root conception. We need to get back to America as she was founded to be. This is not likely to happen. We are most likely on the way out. But we fight to the end.

As Theresa of Avila said to her sisters, "We have only one night to spend in this bad inn."

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