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Wednesday, March 15, 2023


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Hi Bill,

I tried it and got directly into the sitting position but had to use my knee and forearm to get off the floor, so at 77 years of age, I had a score of eight points. I guess that is pretty good for a vecchione.


Non c'è male!

In VITO vita et veritas.

Now reward yourself with a glass of dago red.

Fun test. I also had to use my right hand to get down and back up, but getting back up was not pretty; and I'm 73 now too.


8 points. But I'm only 72. (for 15 more days). 1 Hand down, 1 elbow up. Tried it barefoot outside on the grass (no rain today) to see if that might make a difference; same result. My legs weren't too crossed either, but they were crossed.

Another test is to see how long you can stand on one foot. If you can't manage 10 seconds, it is supposedly a bad sign.

I thought this post'd get a rise out of you guys.

As for standing on one foot for ten seconds, much will depend on whether you are shod, and how. I would have no trouble with my hiking boots on.

I'd say we four are in pretty good shape. Old age with health and a bit of wealth is the best time of life, I'd say. My happiest years have been from age 49 to the present. Is that your experience?

This 82-year-old scored 8 points. I used my right hand once to get down and once to get up.

>Another test is to see how long you can stand on one foot.

With both eyes closed, is the actual test

8 points for me. Age is a secret.

The age of OZ is known to me, but I respect his privacy. But he's no young whippersnapper. So I congratulate him for scoring 8 despite his bon vivant lifestyle.

Thanks for putting this one out here. I tried twice and got a 9 both times. The trouble comes with the knee/shin supporting on the way up. Advantage points for me go to double-jointed hips and being 35.

Jeff Hammond

Well yes I am happy, now, and in my 72 years of memories. It is all tempered by my dismay, though, at the rampant stupidity and evil that encircles us now. It must be fought. When we were young, all the men were men, and all the women were women. The playboy magazines of our youth appear very healthy in retrospect. We are heading into a war on many fronts. I want to see it, because I want to see the victory at the end of it.

I tried again, this time with the help of half a bottle of fine Portuguese red.


As always, technique trumps strength

Nice comment, Joe. Yes, the encircling stupidity and evil must be fought, and fought hard. On the material front, Au and Pb, on the spiritual front, prayer. We are battling not only the demon-possessed and if not possessed, then inspired, but also the demons themselves.

I know what you intend with your 'Playboy' remark, but Hefner's mag was contributory to our current decadence and decline. A large topic unto itself. Hef contributed to the abortion culture and the destruction of marriage.

Not to mention that Playboy gave rise (or should I say 'spread'?) to Playgirl a few years later. Women, wanting to be like men, adopted the worst behavior of men. Another large topic.

Currently the de-masculinization movement is in full swing which is also a trend toward de-feminization under the guise of their 'empowerment.'

69 years old. Got a 9. used a hand to help me back to my feet.

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