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Monday, March 27, 2023


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Thanks for the interesting post, Bill. Here’s one point to make:

If the activities done during graduate school are intrinsically valuable, then they are worthwhile even if they don’t lead to money-making, a tenured position, etc. and thus lack instrumental value with respect to those ends. But they probably have instrumental value regarding other ends, since they cultivate various epistemic and moral virtues that the student can use in personal and professional life.

Grad school might well be a double value in virtue of its intrinsic and instrumental worth – assuming that the student is studying a legitimate discipline.

>>assuming that the student is studying a legitimate discipline.<< Right, as opposed to, say Grievance Studies.

It was a year ago that you visited me out here. Fond memories. Tempus fugit. It flees faster for me than for thee.

Yes, it was a good time. And the year passed quite quickly for me!

The next time I'm in So. Cal., I'd love to visit again if that would be okay with you. And you are always welcome to visit me in Florida. The hiking here is (mostly) horizontal, but we could find plenty to do.


It would be great to see you again, any time. I can show you some more interesting trails than last time.

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