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Saturday, May 27, 2023


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A good playlist. I remember that Hoyt Axton tune back in the day... the raspy delivery of "I don't give a damn!..."
How has Dylan penned hundreds of absolute classics!?! I almost always prefer his version. Nanci's is nice. Wayfarin' Stranger done right. I used to play banjo, frailing and Scruggs style.
Rank Stranger is one of my favorite ear worms. The Stanley Bros w/ George Shuffler.
I'd not heard that version of Lonesome Hobo, sounds great and of a piece with the album, but agree with Bob about the version he chose to release.
I love that train song, the soul of Americana, and what a fun supergroup that would be to jam with!
I had those bootlegs back then and that was when I first heard Only a Hobo. Another permanent track in my brain.
Ghost Riders has a spot in one of my repertoire folders.
Thanks for the tunes and all.

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