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Thursday, May 04, 2023


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I don't exactly remember in what year I discovered Maverick Philosopher, but it was certainly more than a decade ago, and since then, I have begun each day with it. I could not begin to catalogue the many intellectual and spiritual benefits that I have derived from reading it each day. Thank you, Bill, and happy anniversary!

Way to go Bill! Needless to say, thanks for consistently stimulating, thoughtful and fair blogging. Know yourself ;-) -- here are your leading tags:

1 Aphorisms and observations
2 Leftism and political correctness
3 Human predicament
4 Islamism
5 Meta-philosophy

Congratulations, Bill:-) Always a pleasure and an education to read!

Congratulations, Bill. Happy 19th!

You and your blog have helped me to sharpen my thinking. I'm grateful to you and to your search for truth in the vasty deeps. May you have many more blogging years of "promises fair, parties sure,
and induction [and deduction!] full of prosperous hope."

(Henry IV, Part I, Act III, Scene 1)


I agree with the above commenters and sincerely appreciate your thought- provoking essays.

Onward into the coming years!

Thank you, friends.

And remember my pledge: Double your money back if not completely satisfied!

Happy 19th -- looking forward to the coming years as well.

I have appreciated and enjoyed your blog for well over 10 of those years. I discovered you when I was still living down in Carmel, and that was prior to Oct 2013.
I'm thankful to you for the many ways you have helped me redress an inadequate education.
May you continue to thrive and enjoy many more years.

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