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Saturday, August 12, 2023


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The brazen lies of this government signify, to all intelligent people, that they consider us plebs to be terminally stupid.

But only stupid people would tell such lies.

O the irony.

Good morning, Joe.

I agree with your first sentence but not with your second. Although there are stupid leftists, the ones that are dangerous and must be opposed are intelligent. They are not stupid; they are evil. 'Stupid' should not be used as a mere term of abuse in a serious discussion.

Mayorkas of DHS, for 3xample. He is a brazen liar and the lies repeatedly. If you point out that the plain facts refute his lies, he makes an Orwellian move: "The border is secure as we define 'secure.'"

"But only evil people would tell such lies."

Thank you for the correction.


Brother Joe

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