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Tuesday, August 22, 2023


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The until-now timidity of the Capital owners in the face of the stinking, loud-mouthed "woke" bullies, may well be cured by their massive pocketbook losses, and they may say to the wokies, in so many words, "I'm not a racist, I hate all assholes, no matter what color (gender, etc etc etc) they are, and that includes you."

So I hope.

A good companion piece here: https://amgreatness.com/2023/08/23/christianity-and-the-globalist-agenda/

>>Just two hedge funds, Vanguard and Blackrock, with combined assets well over $20 trillion, are the biggest shareholders in 88 percent of the companies on the S&P 500. These massive wealth managers work in concert with the World Economic Forum, the World Federation of Advertisers, and other transnational institutions to, as Ben Shapiro documents in a must-watch video, “create a universal framework full of guidelines and ratings designed to enforce approved narratives.”

And what is the purpose and objective of these narratives? In a 30,000 word essay, “The China Convergence” published earlier this month on Substack, author N.S. Lyons writes: ”The less the people are willing and able to practice self-governance individually and collectively, the more formal rules and systems of external authority will step in to micromanage what they want and how they behave.”

From these two sources, one succinct and the other comprehensive, both scrupulously documented, ample evidence is offered to help explain why Christianity is a threat to the narrative. Christians not only fail to recognize government as the ultimate authority in their lives, they are self-governing. They don’t need to be micromanaged. And on every issue of consequence, issues that will determine our identity and our destiny, they don’t accept the narrative.<<

From the same article:

>>If the approved narrative relies on extreme environmentalism as the state religion that provides the alleged moral justification to effectively enslave the vast majority of humanity, the ultimate technology to enforce the lockdown is Central Bank Digital Currency. Christian scripture is so explicit on this phenomenon it might even make an agnostic think twice. Here is a modern translation of Revelation, 13:17: “Then it compels all, small and great, rich and poor, free men and slaves, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads. The purpose of this is that no one should be able to buy or sell unless he bears the mark.” Cash is freedom.<<

If we rank order the threats the Woke Left poses to our liberty, CBDC will be at or near the top.

But can we expect any effective resistance from the decadent ovine and bovine masses?

And now the demonic elite establishment wants you not to say "woke."


We are over the target.

Can we say that leftists are aping blacks?

In the sentence, 'Whites ape blacks,' who are the apes?

Enjoy this pre woke disney song (Jungle Book; ape wants to be human)


Hoo boy! I shared this above posting and the link therein (to Kyeyune's fine work) with a couple of 'woke' relatives and DID I get an immediate and fiery response? Yes I did!
I have been unable to find ANY 'middle ground' for conversation - thought I'd roll the dice and see what happened ...boom!


I thought you broke off contact with those relatives. Oregon is one woke state, Western Oregon leastways. Your neighbors need to chill out in their orgone accumulators. Some tout those boxes as a cure for the Big C.

Related: Globalism's war on the family. https://youtu.be/DAw9-xHxID4

DaveB, I am curious as to what your relatives objected to. Insufficient reverence toward certain pet groups? Thanks in advance for any reply you should want to make. — Joe O.

Re: video with Michael Matt. First time I've heard of him or the youtube presentation. Good stuff!

Hi Joe - I think that at bottom the Woke issue is God (and Jesus), but sexuality is the issue the Woke have chosen as their point of attack. Abortion, LGBTQ (etc.), what 'maleness' and 'femaleness' really are - these are the questions that, in their opinion, must be answered 'correctly' - in other words, as THEY answer them - in order to proceed to changing the world.

In essence they are trying to re-create, by first denying the Christian world-view and then demanding that we bow to their world-view which imo is hideous: it denies the biblical God, and resurrects the old idea of Man as God. To their surprise and dismay, their heroes will turn out to be their oppressors that have never really believed or cared about the 'movement' but actually wanted power over others.

Lots more to say but nothing you don't already know. :-)
You thoughts?

Joe - the enigmatic and incorrect last line of my writing - 'You thoughts' - was intended to be "Please share your thoughts on my post if you care to; I enjoy your postings".

I tried this anti woke piece and some bits of other anti woke with a neighbor down the street. Maybe reading something written by an authority on the matter instead of hearing it from me would make a dent...Nope. Baptizing our cat would be more productive. These wokesters are unmoored from any moral or ethical underpinnings.

"Baptizing our cat"
You made me laugh out loud, Whitewall!

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