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Sunday, September 24, 2023


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If you will read the history of the American Civil War, you will see that Lincoln, the moderate on slavery, finally accomplished what the hard-liner anti-slavery types could never have accomplished. I suspect something similar is happening here.

And the right-to-life ladies need to be diligent in speaking to their leftist sisters, because women won't listen to men on this topic. That is why Pence should shut up.

You don't go wrong at all, Bill. Constitutionally, there are no grounds for federal abortion laws.

You've spelled out the dilemma I fear we face, which I expressed perhaps too gingerly. In doing so, I may have given the inaccurate impression that I need to be reminded that politics is the nonutopian art of the possible.

I remember Murray Rothbard's guffaw when in 1992 I asked him how he, an anarcho-capitalist, could back Pat Buchanan who supported tariffs (as does Trump). "Tony [I paraphrase], a few tariffs is a small price to pay to dislodge the Bushies!" When Pat dropped out he backed Perot for a while, whose 19% spoiler vote gave us the Clintons. Should Murray have backed Bush after all?

There's no avoiding the weighing of probabilities. Unlike tariffs, unborn life is inviolable, but that doesn't make the need to calculate go away. It only makes it harder.

Yes, too many Americans have lost their soul, and so collectively "we" have lost "our" soul to the degree that "we" insist on term(ination) limits. And if we go with 15 weeks, or six, we'll pay a price in ways we cannot foresee.

Even a Trump victory in 2024 will only bring us to a new phase of the civil war that's slowly but surely going from cold to hot. The other side is not going to say, "Yup, you beat us fair and square!" (What might happen were a Texas National Guardsman to shoot a DHS razor-wire cutter?)

For all the practical reasons you listed, I infinitely prefer Trump to any of his rivals. His victory——rather, the victory of the people who will elect him, one hopes in a landslide——will put our side in the driver's seat for a spell. If it's a seat in the political equivalent of an Abrams tank, we may get something done. And then I can go back to arguing for anarcho-capitalism in peace (:^D).



Did you see the first pres. debate? If yes, I will ask you a question about Pence's 'contribution.'


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