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Friday, September 08, 2023


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It is impossible to read Michelle Malkin’s article, which exposes the “deliberately orchestrated, relentlessly executed, slow-motion criminal invasion” of our nation by the hierarchy and various religious orders of the Catholic Church, without an upsurge of righteous anger. The people involved in this subversion of our national sovereignty, comity, and traditions, whatever their motivations, and these extend from the ideological leftist haters of the United States, as with Bergoglio and miserable ilk, both in Rome and throughout South America, to ostensibly well-meaning religious and lay persons, all swimming in the modernist theological heresies of presentism and subjectivism. While the former, allied with the Global Left, know exactly what they are about, the turning of the Church toward heresy and into an instrument of the New World Order, the latter blithely go about building the Kingdom on Earth, awash in the certainty of their merit. Together, they work to undermine what remains of the cohesion and institutions of the only nation that ensures the continued existence of Christian civilization. At the root of all this is the Modernist project to uproot Catholic thought and practice from its classical, ancient and Scholastic, foundations, which whatever their defects on this or that metaphysical question, tied faith to rational inquiry and discourse and the meticulous use of language. The intellectual rot is so deep and very extensive that those who speak of a restoration appear to be caught up in a world of dreams.

A brief addition: I forgot to include another group in this immigration scheme of the Church: the money guys, that is, the bishops and administrators, faced with increasingly empty pews, who hope to fill them with at least some of the illegals and who depend on government funding (over 60 percent) for Catholic Charities; thus, they obediently follow the Demo Party line on immigration, race, and other contentious issues. On this, see, the City Journal article of Brian C. Anderson, “How Catholic Charities Lost Its Soul” (https://www.city-journal.org/article/how-catholic-charities-lost-its-soul).


We of course agree. Thanks for the link. A few days ago we received a request for a monetary contribution from the Archdiocese of Tucson. Into the shredder it went. I should have sent the form back to them with some choice words.

Malkin's article is surprising to me-a non Catholic. I had always heard it was or is the Jews behind everything whether true or not. The RCC does indeed need defunding and reforming if that's possible. Rome was sacked on 6 May 1527 by Protestants AND Catholics who had become disgusted by Pope Clement-I believe. The Church survived and thrived after that so maybe a good 'sacking' 21st century style would do it good.

Mr. Bill
Correction, maybe, I do hope I wrote Protestant and not Presbyterian to go along with Catholic. Wouldn't want John Knox to spin in the grave.


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