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Friday, September 15, 2023


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I would like the readers of this fine blog to note that in the second link you will find the librarians being quoted thusly:

"For those reasons, the documents say the books cannot be donated, as “they are not suitable for any learners.”

This means that they are destroying the books that they disagree with.

Books today, people tomorrow.

>>Books today, people tomorrow.<<

Cancellation of livelihoods today, lives tomorrow.

I currently have a dogsbody job in an academic library. The shelves are overflowing with new books on LGBT, gender, sexuality etc etc. The 'ethos' of the library is similarly orientated. Western culture in the grand Gothean sense of the term is doomed.


Same experience here at the local, non-academic, public library. At the same time that garbage is ordered at taxpayer expense, high-quality materials are removed from the shelves and sent to the book sale room where I snag 'em for pennies. Good for me, but not for civilization at large.

Part of the problem is that women are 'overrepresented' among the librarians. Does this need explaining?

Another problem is that my occasional request that the library order a conservative book is ignored.

I should raise a stink with the sweet, smiling, library ladies. But I may be too much of sentimentalist for that. Besides, I have to watch myself: my style of self-presentation is found by most to be off-putting.

You taught me a new word, Karl. 'Dogsbody' must be mainly a U. K. expression. By the way, do you sill live in or around London? I hope to pop in there one of these months, assuming the totalitarians do not bring back the COVID masking mandate.

Whoops ! There goes a copy of "The Sun and the Welfare of Man" by C.G. Abbot, Smithsonian, 1929 !

Who needs barbarians when you have librarians ?

(Not to worry, I have my own PAPER copy of that book. And it's a great book. It has solar power info WITHOUT politics.)


Abbot's book about the sun is still available as a photo copy from Abe books; the site says that

"This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it"



Abbot lived to be 100, by the way.

And here is a time lapse video of the Sun from the last 48 hours, courtesy of Nasa's space-borne Solar Dynamics Observatory: It is an astounding image !


Note the large coronal mass ejection toward the end of the video. A really big one of those will fry the electric grid.

Hi Bill,

Yes, still in London. Delighted to meet if you wash up here.

Yes, libraries are a Gynocracy. Plus people in Humanities tend to be cowardly and craven to power, anyway.

Recent shenanigans in my hometown library:


Re: The Irish Examiner piece. Note how leftists project their extremism into us -- 'far right' etc. -- when we are moderates by any historical standard.

Here is a good punch-back piece: ohnkassnews.com/screw-you-northwestern/

Moral dementia is part and parcel of Dementocrats. They cannot understand the moral necessity of capital punishment in certain cases. https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/09/making-the-case-for-capital-punishment.php

I quit riding my road bicycles anywhere near automobilists. It is not worth the danger anymore. And while I have not been killed, I have been hit with a pellet from a pellet gun. We are living in a dark age and it is getting darker. A.D. 1914 = A.D. 476

What was the race of the shooter, Joe?

Remember Dave Voors? He'd run around the yard and his dad would shoot at him with a BB gun. Not a best practice!

What an unforgettable character Voors was! Poor guy died of leukemia while still a teenager. Balls of brass. Use to taunt the scrappy Robby Pure. P-U- re while holding his nose.

Well I think they were hispanic males, 3 or 4 0f them in the back of a pickup truck. They were passing me at maybe 40 mph faster than I was going & I felt this very sharp sting in my side and they all laughed really loud and kept on going. No blood, but I did not imagine it at all. It might have been a bb instead. I only had a quick glance at who they were. They could have been "white" rednecks also. Definitely not colored. There is plenty of anti-bicycle attitude out there; we're "in the way," we "slow things up," we don't pay road taxes (which is true, but we don't wear out the pavement very much at all, either), etc etc etc.

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