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Friday, September 22, 2023


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Here's Jimi Hendrix's incandescent, molton rendering of All Along the Watchtower. Turn it all the way up. We need all the power we can get in this fight, including in music.


The gates of hell shall NOT prevail !

We United Statisans had to rebel against England once before, and though it will be more difficult this time to throw out the enemy because he is within, I do believe we will ultimately win & there will be a new birth of freedom. We've been here before. It's in our blood to fight when the insults become intolerable. Don't discount the cold furies rising from electric vehicle mandates, gas stove bans, etc, etc, etc.These are not little things. And being called deplorable and irredeemable. The elite are playing with fire. I don't think they realize how much. Evil always over-reaches. It wants total control, so it always fatally over-reaches.

But of course it is not England that will impose CBDC on us; our gov't will try to impose it on us, "for our convenience" and for their control.

Do we have the will to fight the destruction of our liberties? Not clear.

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