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Monday, October 09, 2023


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What a great essay! Penetrating, clear-headed thinking and beautiful prose.
And Anthony Flood's comment was just right.

Thanks so much for your generous comment, Trudy. Feel free to look me up when next you are out this way. My tone is a bit harsh these days, but it seems to me to be justified by the way things are going.

The history of literature like that of empire is full of revolutions. Our public libraries are cemeteries of departed reputations and the dust accumulating upon their untouched volumes speaks as forcibly as the grass that waves over the ruins of Babylon." (Henry Hallam, View of the State of Europe in the Middle Ages, 1818).

I would add to Hallam's observation that nowadays librarians are less like the overseers of cemeteries than like grave robbers and diggers-up of cemeteries.

The wokeassed erasure of the past is the name of their game. To hell with these anti-civilizational scumbags.

We who seek the preservation of civilization must build private libraries and defend them with blood and iron.

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